Hopefield - Jacobsbaai - Langebaan - Paternoster - Saldanha - St Helena Bay - Vredenburg

Changes in the Refuse Removal Schedule due to
Christmas and New Years

Please find below refuse removal schedule from 22 December 2014 till 3 January 2015. Any enquiries can be directed to Mr. D. Wright on 022 701 6998.

Monday 22 December 2014 Vredenburg
Tuesday 23 December 2014 Saldanha
Wednesday 24 December 2014 Langebaan
Thursday 25 December 2014 No Removal (Christmas Day)
Friday 26 December 2014 Hopefield / Ongegund / Witteklip
Saturday 27 December 2014 St Helena Bay / Paternoster
Monday 29 December 2014 Vredenburg
Tuesday 30 December 2014 Saldanha
Wednesday 31 December 2014 Langebaan
Thursday 1 January 2015 No Removal (New Years Day)
Friday 2 January 2015 Hopefield / Ongegund / Witteklip
Saturday 3 January 2015 St Helena Bay / Paternoster

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Registration on Municipal SMS Database

Register your cellphone number or update your personal details on the municipal SMS database to receive messages related to emergency situations (floods, fires, power outages and pipe bursts), notices and announcements in te Saldanha Bay Municipal Area.

Submit your SMS database registration form to any Saldanha Bay Municipal office. You can also fax your form to
(022) 715-1518 or submit via email to register@sbm.gov.za.




Eskom load shedding schedule for Saldanha Bay Municipal Area

The load shedding schedule gives an indication of when which areas could be affected/switched off during emergency situations.

Eskom has identified three stages of load shedding (Stage 1, Stage 2 and Stage 3). During the different load shedding stages, there is a possibility that specific areas could be switched off during the times and days indicated.

Please note: Eskom will indicate which stage of load shedding they will apply during an emergency situation.

It is expected that we will only go into Stage 1 load shedding during the winter period. Only if the Eskom system is under severe constraint, will Stage 2 or Stage 3 load shedding apply.

Abbreviations used in the schedule include the following areas:
Vred      -              Vredenburg, Paternoster
Sal          -              Saldanha, Jacobs bay, Marais Industries, IDC industrial (Spoornet Office)              
LHS         -              Langebaan, Hopefield, St Helena Bay

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